HomeUpdateIn 2022, Google will offer Android games to Windows devices.

In 2022, Google will offer Android games to Windows devices.


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Google Play Games will be available on Windows systems next year. Geoff Keighley, the host of the Game Awards 2021, made a huge cross-platform announcement.

The Google Play Games app, developed by Google, will be available on the Windows platform, allowing users to play Android games on their PC. Google created the app entirely on its own, with no help from Microsoft, BlueStacks, or any other developer.

According to Greg Hartrell, Google’s product director for Android and Google Play games, players will soon be able to play Google Play games on a wider range of devices, including phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and Windows PCs. After playing the popular Google Play games on Google OS-based devices such as Android phones, tablets, and Chromebooks, users will soon be able to play them on their Windows laptops, desktops, or PCs.

While there isn’t much information on the specific launch date or the minimum system requirements, the Google Play app is being built for Windows 10 and higher.

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Windows with Android games

 Google will expand the number of Android games available on the Windows platform with this launch. Although Microsoft just added native support for Android apps and games with Windows 11, thanks to a partnership with Amazon Appstore, the number of Android games available on Google Play has increased dramatically. Users will not have to stream games from the cloud because the Google Play Games application will be available locally on the Windows platform. Without any collaborations, Google will distribute the software directly.

Apart from Google and Microsoft, BlueStacks’ BlueStacks X functionality now allows players to play games in web browsers. The cloud gaming service allows users to stream Android mobile games for free across several platforms. Users may enjoy their favourite mobile games on a larger screen as more and more mobile games are made available on PCs; however, the gameplay may take some getting used to.

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