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Instagram’s new feature under development to let PC users avail access


Last Updated on 24/05/2021 by Khushi

Recently Instagram decided to allow users to upload images and create posts through their computer. An app developer Paluzzi tweeted a screenshot of the new feature to give us an idea about how this feature will work, the screenshot shows how the users can upload a picture and videos in Instagram and edit them as well.

It has been said that the user interface of the PC version will be similar to the mobile version of Instagram. It was due to the wide number of users all around the world, the team of the Instagram felt that they should allow the PC users to share posts as well as it increases more number of users of the Instagram. This feature involves creating, editing posts, etc.

What advantages will the users get with this new feature introduced by Instagram? 

  • Those users who love to use filters in their photos will be able to add different types of filters to their pictures by using their PC. 
  • Along with the filter option, the app users will also be allowed to add their current location to their posts. 
  • Similar to the mobile version, Instagram users will also be able to edit their photos as per their choice from their desktop.
  • The process of uploading photos on Instagram through PC is also very simple. We just need to click on the plus sign which can be found in the below section within the app and drag and drop the picture that we want to upload.
  • Along with all the above features, the user interface of the PC version of Instagram will also be very similar to the mobile version.
  • The users will also be allowed to adjust the size and orientation of the image as per their need. 

The feature is still under development and can therefore go through some other changes which will be realised only once it gets updated.

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