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iOS 13 Beta 3’s New Wired Method for Communication


Last Updated on 05/07/2019 by TDH Publishing (A)

Earlier today, Apple released its third developer bets for iOS 13, iPadOS 13, TVOS 13, WatchOS 6, and macOS Catalina. While new betas are mostly focused on improved performance and bug fixes, it’s common for new features to be discovered.

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Some new assets in the Setup app have been noticed while looking into the code changes between iOS 13beta 2 and iOS 13 beta 3, which runs when one set up a new device for the first time or after a reset. These new assets could suggest that Apple is on a new way to transfer data between devices.

Currently, when one sets up a new iOS device, it can be restored on an iTunes backup of an iCloud backup. While the second option can be sped up by having another iOS device next to the new one, logged into your Apple ID account. This allows your data to be transferred wirelessly.

New assets and strings found on iOS 13 beta 3 suggest Apple is working on a way to transfer data from another iOS device directly using a cable. One of the assets shows an image of two iPhones connected to each other by a cable. Given that current iPhones feature a Lightning port and the giant company doesn’t offer a Lightning-to-Lightning cable, it’s quite unclear how this could be achieved.


The developers tried making new transfer options appear on a device running on iOS 13 developer beta 3 by resetting the device and doing the setup process manually, but unfortunately, no new options showed up. It is, therefore, possible that the new data transfer methods are not ready yet or are being worked on for unreleased devices.

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