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Iranian hackers using upgraded malware; says Accenture


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Anamika

ISPs and Telecom companies are becoming a new target for the Iranian hackers, and they have been upgrading their malware since July this year to hack into the company’s systems.

The group is known as Lyceum but also goes by Hexane or Spirlin, which has operated since 2017 and has been linked to malicious campaigns targeting Middle Eastern oil and gas companies. 

According to the researchers of Accenture’s Cyber Threat Intelligence group, the hackers have been targeting various companies for a long time from regions such as Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia. Some parts of Africa have also been getting targeted.

“Telecommunications companies and ISPs are high-level targets for cyber espionage threat actors because once compromised, they provide access to various organizations and subscribers in addition to internal systems that can be used to leverage malicious behavior even further,” said security researchers.

According to the reports of ITPro

The researchers of Accenture and Prevailion have been researching this data hacking for a long time and have made a report stating that Lyceum has been using two families of malware, supposedly called, Shark and Milan.

They added that the hackers have been able to hack a lot of systems by using this malware very carefully and Lyceum will carry on using it. The organizations has been very careful in how to deal with this group of hackers.

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