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Man drags Apple to court over repeated allegation of theft in its stores


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US man sued Apple for repeated allegations over the thefts in the Apple store that he was involved in several crimes at Apple Stores around the United States, as well as attempted robberies carried out by others imitating him. A case has been filed on Mat 2th against Apple and Security Industry Specialists, a contractor working for Apple on store security, in the US District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

The plaintiff, Ousmane Bah, was wrongly suspected of causing several Apple Store thefts, according to the lawsuit, which led to his arrest in New York in November 2018, according to AppleInsider. The case appears to be a continuation of Bah’s previous legal action against Apple and SIS, which was filed in April of this year.

The accusations appear to be the same as in the previous complaint, except this one focuses on conduct at Massachusetts Apple Stores.

According to the complaint, Bah acquired a learner’s permit for driving in New York state in March 2018, which was a printout with data of his height, weight, date of birth, and eye color but no image. Within two months, Bah’s temporary permission was revoked, but he had acquired a permanent plastic version with his portrait.

It is said that someone else has used the lost provisional license as an identity for an Apple Store theft in Greenwich, Connecticut in April 2018. Apart from being Black, the individual is alleged to have had no resemblance to Bah, such as being 6-foot 1-inch height although Bah is 5 foot 7 inches tall.

According to Bah, Apple and SIS made a record for him as the thief in the video and shared it with both SIS agents and Apple Stores in the United States.

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