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Lewis & Clark Community College is hindered due to a ransomware outbreak


Last Updated on 30/11/2021 by Riya

Generally, students and faculty would return to college the week following Thanksgiving, yet Lewis and Clark Community College is still shuttered while college officials discover a ransomware attack.

“All of our networks have been offline from Wednesday the 24th, and we’ve engaged in restoration and remediation phase, as well as inspection period,” revealed President Ken Trzaska.

Last Tuesday, Trzaska’s IT staff discovered strange behavior, he added. Authorities stopped the college’s computer system the next day, shuttered the college, and postponed extracurricular activities.

“A group that broke into our networks and has a few hopes and our staff is engaged with that gang to gather evidence and afterward proceed further”, Trzaska added.

However, due to this attack students are facing trouble in completing their homework recently a student from the college Jordan Garris, a first-semester student, remarked, “We can’t access our homework.”

Trzaska claimed the hackers sent an email asking for money, although he wouldn’t disclose what amount the group demanded.

“It simply boggles my head somebody has quite so much power and expertise to wipe out a whole college,” Garris added.

Officials at the college are optimistic that they will resolve this issue within a week and will have more data on when they will be able to resume the classes.

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