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LG’s dumb Dual-Screen V50 ThinQ


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While Samsung and Huawei refine their foldable smartphones, LG has introduced its plan of hardware expansion with its V50 ThinQ that uses a case to add a second screen.

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The company’s invitation to its unveiling event on September 6th at IFA 2019 in Germany suggests it will continue to develop that strategy, with a video done up in an 8-bit style that expands from one somewhat sleek screen across a second one. What is new, though, is a small screen on the outer side for showing the time and date.

For those unaware of the Dual Screen case (or even the V50 itself), the concept is pretty simple. Users can easily slap that bad boy on for double the display action, which comes in handy in certain heavy gaming scenarios, not to mention general side-by-side multitasking use cases. This was LG’s affordable (and somewhat rudimentary) answer to the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, offering similar flexibility as an actual foldable device but in a far less seamless way.

This doesn’t come up as a surprise either, as incoming mobile executive Brian Kwon told reporters earlier this year that “we have reviewed releasing the foldable smartphone when launching 5G smartphone but decided not to produce it.” It is (or at least was) too early for LG to launch a foldable device, but one thing it could easily do is bring the V50’s second-screen attachment to more markets.

On the bright side, the V50 ThinQ and its Dual Screen companion became available several months ago, although, for some reason, LG never expanded the availability of the latter accessory to the US. Something tells us the whole world will be able to get in on the flexible dual-display gaming action this time around, and what’s even cooler is that it seems the V60 ThinQ will get the third screen as well.

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