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Microsoft alerts that Windows 11 are malfunctioning owing to an expired certificate


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Sunaina

Microsoft has begun informing Windows 11 customers that certain operating system functionalities are unable to launch owing to an expired certificate. The certificate expires on October 31st, and Microsoft advises that certain Windows 11 users would be unable to access programmes such as the Snipping Tool, touch keyboard, or emoji panel.

A patch is available to address some of the vulnerabilities, but it is currently in preview, which means you must manually install it through Windows Update. The KB4006746 patch will address issues with the touch keyboard, voice typing, the emoji panel, and the getting started and tips areas of Windows 11. This fix may be found by checking for updates in the Windows Update section of Settings in Windows 11.

However, Microsoft’s fix does not solve the issues with the Snipping Tool programme. “Use the Print Screen key on your keyboard and paste the snapshot into your document to alleviate the issue using the Snipping Tool,” Microsoft advises. “You may also paste it into Paint and choose and copy the desired piece.”

It’s unclear how many Windows 11 users are impacted, and we haven’t been able to duplicate the Snipping Tool difficulties on numerous patched PCs. If you’re having trouble, several Verge readers have reported that changing the system date back to October 30th and then running Snipping Tool fixed the problem. Once the software has loaded successfully, you may change the system date back.

Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 difficulties come only two weeks after the firm was forced to release a patch to improve AMD CPU performance in the operating system. In certain games, a glitch slowed performance on Ryzen CPUs by up to 15%.

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