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Netflix plans to incorporate games into its platform to boost its subscribers growth


Last Updated on 21/07/2021 by Riya

An OTT platform Netflix plans to add video games to its app, it is speculated that the decision is taken keeping in mind the continued loss of subscribers in recent months. According to a report, only 1.5 million users subscribed to the site between April and June, which is a very small figure compared to previous subscription figures.

The American OTT platform announces that no additional cost will be charged to stream the game. “We regard videogames as just another emerging content category, equivalent to our growth into original movies, animation, and reality TV series,” the business told Reuters. It has been believed that with the help of gaming Netflix wants to attract users to subscribe to its platform. Recently, the company also hired Mike Verdu as the vice president of game development. Along with it, the company is also looking forward to hire more talented staff in the upcoming months to handle its game development project.

During the epidemic, Netflix won’t be able to produce more new content as a result currently the company suffered from a shortage of content which ultimately benefits its rivals including Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon prime, etc. The reason behind choosing games is the rising popularity of gaming platforms. In today’s age almost every smartphone has a gaming app installed. Regardless of age, everyone loves to play games, in other words, gaming becomes a significant part of people’s life.

Although, some people criticized games consider them as an addiction but let me tell you that with the disadvantages the games have some advantages as well. According to research, it is proven that playing video games sharpens the memory and make a person focused to achieve the goal, these abilities help them to become successful in every phase of their life, although people should play the games for a limited period because too much use of everything is bad. Furthermore, it is expected that soon after the launch of games, Netflix will also produce a web series or movie based on one of its video games.

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