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Nintendo’s Free Challenge Packs For Super Smash Bros


Last Updated on 09/02/2022 by TDH Publishing (A)

Last month, subscribers to the Nintendo Switch Online program were granted the permission to download a free special item pack for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s Spirit Board mode. Though that item pack seems to be unavailable currently, a new one has reportedly taken its place.

Nintendo's Free Challenge Packs For Super Smash Bros 1

To put in some more value to the Switch Online subscription, Nintendo has been revealing free challenge packs for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The second one has finally been released. Provided users have an active online subscription, they will be able to redeem this from the Switch eShop right away.

The Spirit Board Challenge Pack 2, just like its predecessor, is accessible right now for free through the Switch eShop. This booster pack consists of items belonging to five different categories to help users on their quest to collect Spirits. First, the user gets 1,500 Spirit Points for utilization in shopping items or summoning Spirits. Second, the pack consists of five Rematch items, which brings back the last Spirit the user fought for a rematch, regardless of whether he won.

The pack also consists of five Damage 50% items, five Weaken Minions items, and five Health Drain items. This booster is likely a limited-time deal, based on the availability of the last item pack. If one has a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and a copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, he needs to be sure to take advantage of this while he can!

With Banjo and Kazooie ready to Smash this fall and two other unrevealed characters in the works yet, it’s always a fun time to go Spirit hunting. Best of luck!

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