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Now the Google Meet video calling will be more enjoyable, as the company has included AR masks, duo-style filters, and other effects.


Last Updated on 10/07/2021 by Riya

Google Meet, a video calling app for iOS and Android, significantly expanded its app with new video filters and effects designed to enhance individual conversations more engaging. AR masks, duo-style filters, and unique effects are available With Google Meet, users can further add fun to their private conversations with additional effects. Google recently state in its Twitter post “Now users can add cats, astronauts, jellyfish and more to their Meet calls with new filters introduced by Google”.

Users may use additional colored filters and animated AR face effects by hitting the glittering symbol at the bottom right of the video display while a call, thanks to Google. These new features are already available, according to the source, although if the user conducts the meeting using Gmail rather than the Meet app. The majority of the choices are only accessible for personal Gmail accounts, whereas Workspace members have fewer choices, including blur and virtual background options, to let calls appear increasingly presentable. For Google’s consumer-oriented Duo video messaging platform, filters are currently accessible. It is believed that Duo will be pulled out in place of Meet. In June, Google updated a few minor adjustments to its Google Meet platform.

Over the last few months, Google Meet has gotten a number of great features and enhancements. Recently, the platform unveiled an excellent update that aims to make raising hands between sessions more simple. During video conferencing meetings, the update was designed to make it simpler for users to notice and identify raised hands.As a result, the app’s video tile now has a superior visual symbol and motion. In addition, in response to the growing need for live streaming, the company also added the ability to include captions to everyone’s live feeds.

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