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Now the users can search for jobs with “TikTok resume”.


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Now users will soon be able to upload their video resume to the short-video sharing platform TikTok. However, currently, this facility will be made available only for US-based people. This information was given by Tiktok while launching its pilot program “TikTok resume” on Wednesday. Under the TikTok Resume program, the candidates are required to showcase their skills through a short video and share it to the platform. The steps are very simple to understand although to assist users to use the program properly, TikTok has also built a website that will help users getting tips for successfully making videos that attract the attention of the employers.

The news was firstly revealed by Axios last month that “TikTok intended to expand its business in the recruitment sector”. Chipotle Mexican Grill and Target Corp users have been given the responsibility to accept video resumes of users. This program had been started on 7th July, the process of accepting the resume will run till 31st July. This program has been launched with the aim of providing job opportunities to the young generation based on their interest and skills. The program allows users to upload video resumes for a range of jobs, from entry-level to experienced positions.

The program will be very beneficial for those people who are newly graduated and want to build a good resume to get the job. However, according to the company, users will have to use the #TikTokResumes hashtag while uploading the video resume. After the epidemic, there has been a shortage of willing employees in America, keeping this in view, Tiktok has launched this program in America. Although another reason for the launch is to increase the job-related content on the platform. Apart from Tiktok, many other social media platforms including dating app Bumble Inc and Facebook also help users to find jobs.

Chinese company ByteDance is always in the headlines because of its platform TikTok including some negative reasons as well, but this program launched by the company is a very commendable step. Through this program, ByteDance wants to expand Tiktok on the large basis.

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