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“NSO,” Pegasus developer, has finally broke silence regarding the allegations made against the company


Last Updated on 25/07/2021 by Riya

The developers of Pegasus ‘NSO’ broke their silence after numerous revelations about the Israeli spyware company Pegasus were made. The company recently denied all of the allegations against it, claiming that it is thanks to Pegasus’ efforts that people of all across the world can sleep comfortably at night. They also clarified for what reason the spyware is used. Pegasus is used in collaboration with cyber intelligence companies from all around the world to detect and block any suspicious activity on social media or messaging platforms, according to the company.

“Apart from stopping major crimes and terrorism, NSO is not responsible for anyone misusing this technology in any manner” the company further added. The case began on July 18, when 17 newspapers from around the world discovered that NSO owned Spyware had collected the phone numbers of many people throughout the world, including many prominent human rights advocates, leaders, and journalists.

Following the spread of this news, there was an outrage amongst several nation’s opposition leaders accusing governments of spying on citizens including Rahul Gandhi, the prominent Indian leader, who’ve even claimed that the Indian central government had monitored his phone and also instructed his security personal to spy on him at all times.

He also requested a court investigation into the matter, although the request was dismissed by the court two days ago. In such a case, NSO’s step to come forward and respond is a very good decision, leading to speculation whether Pegasus may have been involved in the data leak or not; however, this topic is currently undergoing investigation, and whatever is true will be exposed after the investigation.

Besides that, according to a recent report by a news portal, the CEO of WhatsApp recently claimed that the NSO Group’s spyware has been used by governments of multiple nations to monitor the data of 1,400 WhatsApp users including Senior government leaders from the world as well as those assigned to higher national security positions.

To know more about the issue read this article https://thedigitalhacker.com/pegasus-a-spyware-tool-has-been-alleged-for-spying-on-ministers-opposition-leaders-journalists-and-businessmens

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