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Panasonic suffers a data breach when hackers breach its network


Last Updated on 30/11/2021 by Sunaina

Panasonic, a Japanese consumer electronics company, has acknowledged a security incident in which an unauthorised third party gained access to its network and potentially read data from one of its file servers.

“As a consequence of an internal investigation, it was revealed that some data on a file server was accessed during the breach,” the business said in a brief statement released on November 26. Panasonic did not specify what data was obtained, however TechCrunch stated that the incident began on June 22 and concluded on November 3.

The Osaka-based firm stated that it quickly reported the breach to the appropriate authorities after detecting it on November 11 and that it conducted security countermeasures, including restricting external access to the network.

Panasonic further stated that it is presently collaborating with an impartial “expert” group to investigate the scope of the breach and establish if the access resulted in the release of customers’ personal information.

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