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Password Sharing Can Be Good for Netflix and Hulu


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According to reports, Netflix and Hulu should consider password sharing as a form of flattery rather than seeing it as a bad thing. This is because people are only making the effort to borrow a video streaming password when it is for something they wish to watch.

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Around 14% of Netflix users are using a password from someone outside their household, while 11% of Hulu users are doing so. Meanwhile, a mere 6% of Amazon Prime Video users steal passwords.

and still, people stream Netflix and Hulu shows and movies more than they do on Amazon Prime Video. Nearly 40 percent of Netflix and Hulu users watch those services daily, compared with just 22 percent of Amazon Prime Video users. The new information is in line with an April survey conducted by the research team. “Password sharing with non-family members remains an issue … or an opportunity,” wrote the report’s author, Michael Nathanson. “The lack of password sharing at Amazon may speak to the relative consumer disinterest in that service.”

However, minimal password sharing by Amazon Prime video users could also have to do with the service being a part of Prime, where password sharing would let someone to snoop and peep on what you buy, or even make their online purchases using your account. And still, Amazon is much less popular than its rivals.

Netflix has already got lots of sincere flattery in the form of a new streaming competitor copying its business model and threatening to pull their old content — like Friends and The Office — from Netflix.Netflix, along with its competitors, has been spending heavily on its original content to lure more customers. The content includes TV and movies that they own and that competitors won’t ever be able to pull from their streaming catalogs.

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