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Pokemon Go Soon to Get A Big Upgrade


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People who play Pokémon Go know all too well that the game’s eccentricities are part of its charm. It is one amongst the foremost deceivingly advanced mobile games around, principally because so little is really explained to players. But the sport is close to get slightly easier to appreciate.

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Individual Values (or IVs) are one amongst the foremost confusing aspects of Pokémon Go.

If you don’t understand what they’re, you’ll be able to read up on IVs in our guide. But the gist is that IVs are random and can slightly influence the overall power of a given Pokémon (even when comparing two of the exact same ‘mon). Checking IVs has always been a pain because it needs a variety of steps, not least of that is memory specific phrases to point however sturdy a ‘mon is.

A new update coming to Pokémon Go will make checking IVs much, much easier. Members of The Silph Road, a community-based analysis cluster, have started posting stills and videos of a brand new in-game technique for checking IVs “What may be the greatest QoL update in Pokemon GO history comes in v0.149.0: a majorly revamped in-game appraisal system! Each IV is now visible on 3 progress bars and the stamp turns red for 100% IVs. You can even switch between Pokemon with a single tap for quick comparisons!” wrote The Silph Road. 

The new appraisal system shows you actual bars to point the Attack, Stamina, and Defence of your chosen Pokémon.

Better still, players can now scrub from one Pokémon to the next, checking multiple IVs in just a few seconds.

Video of the new appraisal system are often seen here.

Reports state that the new appraisal system is included in version 0.149.0, that is presently rolling out to Android users. It may take some time for the update to hit all platforms, though. 

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