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Predictions for Cyber Regulation in 2022, let’s know


Last Updated on 04/01/2022 by Sanskriti

According to Andy Watkin-Child, founding partner of the Augusta Group, a cybersecurity and risk consultancy business, the US government has taken considerable steps to enforce cybersecurity regulations and propose legislation. To assist firms to prepare for these developments, he recommends that they “get to grips with standards” and increase their “understanding of global cyber legislation.”

According to Watkin-Child, the United States is establishing very stringent cybersecurity compliance rules. “The United States Department of Defense has made it very clear [that] if you don’t comply with their default requirements, you will not be awarded a contract,” he says, referring to DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement).

Watkin-Child addresses the following topics in a video interview with Information Security Media Group:

  • Changes in cybersecurity laws in the United States and its implications for firms in the United Kingdom and the European Union;
  • How businesses in the United Kingdom and the European Union can best prepare for these developments;
  • Predictions for key regulatory issues in 2022.

Watkin-Child has over 20 years of expertise in technology, risk, and security as a group vice president of cyber risk, CISO, director of IT, and European head of cyber and risk. He is a founding partner of the Augusta Group and Parava Security Solutions.


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