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‘Project WEB’ data hack leads ro exposure of data from various Japanese govt. offices


Last Updated on 02/06/2021 by Khushi

In an incident reported earlier, hackers gained access to Fujitsu’s project management platform that lead to data leaks from various Japanese government offices.

An unauthorised third-party gained access to Fujitsu’s “Project WEB” platform. Project WEB is a collaboration and project management software being utilised for Japanese-based projects presently.

The platform is reviewing the incident cautiously and thoroughly while being “in close consultation with the Japanese authorities”. As a means of precaution, the tool has been suspended and the concerned customers have been notified.

At least 76,000 email addresses were exposed, including those registered on the ministry’s mailing list but not owned by the ministry. The ministry also confirmed that the ProjectWEB software has been decommissioned.

The exposed information included details related to equipment systems, staff business mail addresses and business relations related details.

Japan’s National Cyber Security Centre was also affected by the leak, which said that measures were being taken to prevent the spread of the damage. Local media has also reported that hackers accessed software at Narita Airport and stole data held by air traffic control systems, as reported by NHK.

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