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Samsung has integrated its mobile and consumer electronics divisions


Last Updated on 07/12/2021 by Sunaina

Samsung Electronics has announced an internal restructure of its divisions, as well as significant leadership changes. The corporation will have two new CEOs in charge of two divisions: Device Solutions, which is the semiconductors business, and a new SET Division, which will cover smartphones, TVs, and consumer electronics. It is the most significant shift in Samsung’s organisation since 2017, when the corporation selected three executives for three distinct businesses.

Jong-hee (JH) Han, the head of the Visual Display company, is now also a co-CEO in charge of the SET division. Samsung praises him with leading the firm to the top spot in global TV sales for 15 years in a row, and says he is “expected to improve synergies across the numerous companies in the SET Division and assist push new businesses and technologies.”

Kyehyun Kyung, the former CEO of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, is the other new CEO. He had previously worked on Samsung’s flash memory product team and the DRAM design team, and will now be in charge of the company’s vital, highly profitable semiconductors sector.

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