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Scammers exploited Google advertisements to steal over $500,000 in cryptocurrencies


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Check Point Researchers team recently discovered a new scam where over $500,000 have been ripped off from people’s crypto wallets. As per the security analysts, scammers usually put fake Google Ads of crypto wallets to trap users into the scam clicking on which will take you to a phishing website that looks identical to the official crypto website where they asked you to log in to access the account.

“I fear we’re on the verge of a new online fraud trend where fraudsters will leverage Google Search as a key vulnerability to access crypto wallets, rather than conventional scamming via email,”

added Check Point’s Head of Products Vulnerabilities Research Oded Vanunu. Later the scammers obtain users’ login credentials to steal the deposits made by the users. Security analysts noticed this scam after seeing a rising growth in these types of advertisements in the past few months. It is not the first time scammers took this step to scam people several fake banking institutions’ advertisements can also be spotted on the web.

Keeping in view the user safety checkpoint researchers advised users to simply skip Google Ads or use an Adblocker to avoid seeing such fake advertisements. It has been observed that the URL of such fake websites contains wrong spelling, hence before clicking on such website ensure there are no spelling mistakes in the URL.

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