Technology Enthusiast Scholarship


Description recognizes the power of visibility online. Considering the interest among students, we want to help the creative and technical minds exhibit their abilities by presenting their view to solve the real problems in the world. Problems that aren’t just affecting an individual but the whole world. Ie: Australian Fire, Over Pollution in Delhi, India, Plastic Overflow in the Sea and etc.

We have selected some of the hot technologies like AI, ML, Data Science, Brain Interface as a theme of the year so you as an innovator can come up with a solution who can protect the world from the bad happenings.

To motivate students and work beyond their comfort zone, we have created “The world and technology Scholarship“. This is a quick chance for students studying in college to receive $3,000 as a Scholarship. This scholarship amount can be utilized for anything that actively contributes to their studies.

Award Value
The successful candidates will receive $3,000 scholarship.

Level and Area of Studies
High school, college-level in any field of study.

Place of Study: Either online or offline.

Applicants’ Nationality
There is no nationality restriction for the applicant.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • This scholarship is only for students that are currently enrolled in colleges, universities or high schools.
  • Must be studying in a US College/Tech School.
  • Must have a good reputation in terms of study and technical skills.
  • Must Include sources used while the research of this article
  • The piece of content you are going to create must be unique, well-formatted, and have relevant images. The words of your content must be simple in language and should be able to convince anyone that you know what you’re doing and you are correct.
  • While reading the articles that are submitted, we will take note of several factors including creativity, the value of the provided information, formatting and a few other metrics.


  1. Future and real world applications of Blockchain and Decentralised financing 
  2. Improving human habits by the help of AI, ML, DS to reduce open street pollution.
  3. Should the government have control over the usage of AI, ML in corporate usage to reduce unemployment?
  4. Can there be an engineered solution which can prevent disasters like Australian fire before they happen? Justify with your idea, list expected expenses and relevant sources used in researching the topic.
  5. Is internet being abused by big FANG(Facebook, Amazon, Netflix & Google) companies?
  6. Is decentralised Internet even possible to implement? (An overview and structure)

Content Guidelines

  1. The content writing and the research should be done by real applicant.
  2. Well formatted by using heading, subheadings, and lists.
  3. 2,000+ words in the count.
  4. 1 picture of the student researching the topic.
  5. 2-3 other relevant images related to the topic.
  6. Links of sources used to research the topic.


Sub. Timeline: March 31st, 2022
Email: [email protected]

Note: This is an annual scholarship that renews every year. If you fail to get selected this year, you can reapply next year.

Submission using form coming soon