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Snapchat: ‘Language learning lenses’ now make it easier to learn Bengali, Punjabi, and other regional languages


Last Updated on 12/06/2021 by Khushi

Image Courtesy: Forbes

Last year, Snapchat made it easier for users to learn Hindi, Kannada, and Marathi languages by introducing language learning lenses, and now they’ve expanded the languages by adding Bengali, Punjabi, and Telugu languages in the lenses as well.

Snapchat: 'Language learning lenses' now make it easier to learn Bengali, Punjabi, and other regional languages 1

Image Courtesy: The Bharat Express News. 

Snapchat leverages AR and Machine Learning Technology to discover the names of over 1,000 objects in multiple languages. Users are required to put the object in front of the Snapchat lenses to identify the name of the object in regional language. For individuals interested in learning several regional languages of India, this function is really valuable. All credit goes to Atit Kharel, a member of the snap lenses network, who created these innovative lenses.

In an interview, Atit Kharel said “I have always been attracted by India’s cultural richness and the variety of languages that are spoken here, ” “The lenses were built with the aim of making learning Indian languages enjoyable and easier,” he added.

Snapchat has introduced various useful features for its users in recent years, including an AR store that allows users to select and buy clothes on Snapchat, as well as Bitmojis that inspires others to use recycled products and save electricity and water. Snapchat has successfully entered the race of other social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter by offering these unique features to its users. 

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