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Sony reaffirms PlayStation Plus Video Pass being reviewed in Poland.


Last Updated on 23/04/2021 by Khushi

The service, which was leaked via PlayStation.com yesterday, gives PS4 and PS5 users in Poland access to over 20 Sony Pictures films and television shows as part of their PS Plus subscriptions, with new content added every three months.

As per SIE’s global services VP Nick Maguire, the testing period time will last upto a year in Poland. Sony’s decision of choosing Poland for the test was because of its unique data, and the company will track the service’s popularity before deciding on a full launch.

“We want to see how players will benefit from such a service,” he said. “At thus stage, however, I cannot say whether it will be created and what the test process will look like for other markets, as well as what the future is for PlayStation Plus Video Pass after the test period,” he further added.

The team is currently aiming and paying attention to the Polish market, on Polish players and their expected reaction to the PlayStation Plus Video Pro during the testing phase.

Adding a reason to the same, Marguire said, “We know very well that we have a large base of players in Poland who stand out due to their commitment and activity in the network and social media.” She couldn’t go on to speak more about the exact reasons that facilitated this decision but that Poland does satisfy all its criterias to conduct the test. 

In the past month, an announcement was made by Sony that the PlayStation Store would no more be providing TV or movie content for the purpose of purchasing or renting and the decision will be executed in the later phase of the year. But the existing purchases can be accessed by the respective consumer.

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