Free Startup News Submission & Publishing


Mail: [email protected]

Subject: “Startup News Submission” or “Startup Funding Submission” or “Startup”

What kind of startup news is eligible to be published?

startups are the seeds that become a great solution or a product over time. We at thedigitalhacker appreciate every step and support startups to publish their news on our platform.

What kind of funding is eligible to be published?

  1. Seed Funding
  2. Angel Funding
  3. Series A-Z Funding
  4. Venture Capital Funding

What kind of content is accepted?

A news article with the following details are eligible to be published

  1. At least 250+ words
  2. Funding Amount and Investor details
  3. Idea and purpose of funding
  4. Website details, Business Industry
  5. Grammatically correct content (We use Grammarly)

How to send the file?

Send us using the mail shared above

  1. Google Docs
  2. Microsoft Office



How much to do this PR?

We don’t change anything for startups to publish their news on our platform. Just follow the guidelines and you should be our site.

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