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Super Follows is now available on iOS, thanks to Twitter


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Sanskriti

On iOS devices, Twitter has started rolling out its new Super Follows feature, which was initially announced in June.

Super Follows, similar to OnlyFans, allows Twitter accounts to sell subscriptions to their followers, locking certain premium material behind paywalls. It is now accessible to a small number of users who applied for the trial. Super Follower tweets will only appear in the feeds of Super Follower subscribers, and monthly plans vary from $2.99 to $9.99 USD.

After third-party costs are subtracted, the social media network promises content producers that they may receive up to 97 percent of subscription income, however, those who attain a lifetime earning of $50,000 USD on the site would get around 80 percent instead.

You may now start Super Following accounts that have signed up to participate in the test group on iOS devices in the United States and Canada. When they reply to tweets, these users will see a new badge under their name, and those who want to provide the function but aren’t in the first group may request to be on the queue via Twitter’s monetization tab. In the next few weeks, the firm plans to spread the functionality on iOS to other nations, and it will soon be available on Android and web browsers as well.

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