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Using Predictive Analytics to Make Better Business Decisions in 2023

Predictive analytics is a useful tool that firms may use to make better decisions and create more successful strategies. Predictive analytics can find patterns and connections that can be utilized to predict future outcomes by examining previous data and trends. Making smarter judgments about...

How Machine Learning is Revolutionizing Time Series Forecasting

ml-time series forecast
In the ever-changing world of data science, machine learning is transforming time-series forecasting. Businesses rely on accurate predictions of future trends to make informed decisions, and emerging machine-learning techniques are reshaping the landscape of time series analysis. This article explores the latest developments in...

Sony Uses AI-Powered Music

Sony is the latest company to dip its toes into AI-powered music. The company revealed this week that its researchers have built a machine learning model that will create kick-drum tracking. According to Sony, the artificial intelligence is capable of building "musically plausible" drum...