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Facebook Sued in the UK for Data Collection Scandal

Facebook faces a second London High Court action on allegations that it failed to protect the personal details of about one million people in England and Wales, in the most recent lawsuit that arose out of the data collection scandal. Journalist and writer Peter Jukes...

Will Biden’s Government Help Ease the Scrutiny for Big Tech

The Obama-Biden administration was a charming era for America’s tech companies — a moment when they were lionized as innovators, hailed as job creators and largely left alone. Now Joe Biden is coming back, this time as president. But times have changed. The halcyon...

Meet the App Behind Donald Trump’s Power Campaign

President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, may be winding down,  but the data strategy of a financially troubled start-up has a long way to walk with trump taking into consideration how it helped power Trump campaign. Trump’s campaign was powered by a cell phone app...