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Top 5 Risk Management Strategies for the Tech Supply Chain in 2023

Supply chain safety is vital in a world where technology is constantly developing. Organizations should indeed keep ahead of the curve to protect themselves and outsmart attackers since supply chain attacks and cyber risks are both evolving. What Technology Needs to Know About Supply Chain Attacks Today's data breaches have the ability to bring down even the most respected businesses. Big names in technology have made supply chain threats a primary concern, and attackers may exploit these weak links to...

Solarwinds CEO Says No Office 365 Vulnerability Pinpointed as Entry Point

SolarWinds CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna has verified suspicious activity in his Office 365 environment, compromised by a company email account and used to access the accounts of targeted SolarWinds staff in business and technical roles. Ramakrishna said hackers most likely infiltrated the environment of SolarWinds through...

Vietnam Government Suffers Supply-Chain Attack: All you need to know

Only a few weeks after the supply chain assault on Able Desktop applications, another similar attack occurred on the website of the Vietnam Government Certification Authority (VGCA): ca.gov.vn.  The attackers changed two of the software installers available for download on this website and added a...