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Hitachi Energy got hacked, and they aren’t disclosing enough details.

Hitachi Energy, a global technology and infrastructure company, has recently confirmed that it suffered a data breach due to cyberattacks from the Clop and GoAnywhere ransomware groups. This news comes after reports surfaced earlier this week that Hitachi Energy had become the latest victim...

The Bug in Truecaller’s Guardian App That Allowed Hackers to Track Your Family Is Fixed Now

Last week, Truecaller launched an application called Guardians to share your location and other important safety information with your family. However, the app had a big bug during its launch that enabled hackers to control user accounts fully. Anand Prakash, who identified the vulnerability, informed...

Google Fixes a Critical Remote Code Execution Flaw in Android

Two critical bugs that affect Google's Android devices were fixed. Serious faults are found in the Android System and allow arbitrary code to be executed by remote attackers. Both critical vulnerabilities are included in the security bulletin for Google's January Android on Monday. The safety...

Solarwinds CEO Says No Office 365 Vulnerability Pinpointed as Entry Point

SolarWinds CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna has verified suspicious activity in his Office 365 environment, compromised by a company email account and used to access the accounts of targeted SolarWinds staff in business and technical roles. Ramakrishna said hackers most likely infiltrated the environment of SolarWinds through...

This Is All You Need to Know About the New Zero-Click Cross-Platform Flaw in Microsoft Teams

A security researcher named Oskars Vegeris went public with a chain of vulnerabilities that he said could have allowed an intruder to plant malicious code into systems simply by tricking a target into displaying a maliciously designed chat message.  At the end of August, Oskars...

This Is All You Need to Know About iOS Flaw Discovered by Project Zero That Could Have Allowed to Hack iPhone Devices.

Earlier this year, Apple had one of the most astounding iPhone bugs ever: a memory corruption bug in the iOS kernel that gave attackers remote access to the entire device over Wi-Fi, without need for user interaction. Moreover, exploits were wormable—meaning radio-proximity exploits could...