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TCS to soon end work from home


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Khushi

India’s largest IT company Tata Consultancy Services urged all its employees to resume coming to the office. Due to the Pandemic around 96% of the company’s employees are shifted to work remotely.

TCS is not the only company that decided to permit 100% of its employees to resume working in the office but several other big companies, including Wipro, has also decided to ask its employees to join the office.

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Earlier, TCS announced to allow all employees to resume its office operations by next year but when the employees requested and showed interest to join the office then the company decided to permit the employees to resume office operation before the mentioned time.

TCS is a prominent tech company and has around 5 lakh employees worldwide. The company is currently responsible for the contribution of up to 15 percent economy in the country’s $150 billion software exports.

Moreover, recently on September 15, TCS, the country’s leading software provider, surpassed the $200 billion level in market capitalization, beating the previous record of other software exporters worldwide as it continues to develop at a rapid pace.

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