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Team TNT causes malware disruption yet again through a tool called ‘Lazagne’ this time


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Khushi

The samples that were collected did not appear to be virus infected when checked upon, but few others show low rates of detection.

The respective users are thereon being adviced to keep track of network traffic, scanning of outbound ports and bandwith utilisation for detection of potential infection.

A tool, named Lazagne, was they key element for drawing data from devices including various user credentials from applications. A security researcher at Alien Labs, Ofer Caspi states “The use of open-source tools like Lasagne allows Team TNT to stay below the radar, making it more difficult for anti-virus companies to detect.”

Team TNT is notoriously known for theft of Cloud System credentials via usage of virus infected systems for mining of cryptocurrency and causing the malware to spread across systems to cause damage.

The tools used by the group could uninstall applications that were responsible for ensuring security in the respective device systems. Then they would attack using tools like port scanners and systems through installation of bots and downloading of other files.

So far the organisations have been advised by the researchers to keep their softwares up-to-date and allow least exposure to the internet while on Linux servers.

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