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Tech giants penalised by Russia over failure to remove banned content


Last Updated on 04/06/2021 by Khushi

A Russian court put fine on tech giants Google and Facebook on Tuesday due to failure on their part to remove content that Moscow considers illegal. The incident rather escalated the prevailing standoff between Russia and Big Tech.

in an attempt by Moscow to rein in Western tech companies and strengthen its internet “sovereignty,” Russia has already imposed a punitive slowdown on Twitter for failure to remove banned content.

According to Moscow’s Tagansky District Court, Facebook was fined RUB 26 million on eight separate count. On the other hand, Alphabet’s Google was fined RUB 6 million for three separate offences.

According to statements, the court found both companies guilty of having committed administrative violations.

A request for comment from Google Russia was not responded to. Facebook’s request for comment was not immediately responded to.

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