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Tesla has begun recruiting talented roboticists to build a humanoid robot


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

After disclosing its plan to develop a humanoid robot Elon musk’s Tesla has started looking for talented and skilled roboticists to assist in building a bot. Tesla, one of the renowned robotics companies offers a good salary package to its employees.

Hence, working with such a notable firm could be a great opportunity for avid roboticists to learn working in an extremely professional environment along with earning a good pay scale. To make its project successful The company begins posting job recruitments for Mechanical Engineer-Actuator Integration (Humanoid Robot), Mechanical Engineer-Actuator Gear Design (Humanoid Robot), etc.

Tesla wants to build a robot that can easily cope with the human world and can make a friendly relationship with humans. The company is expected to build a 5.8-inch bot that can simply carry automated machines present at Tesla factories and would be capable of managing software that accelerates the Autopilot driver-assistance software. Elon Musk shares this news while giving a speech over ‘AI Day’ during an event.

Tesla is all set to work on its upcoming projects including the manufacturing of Tesla electric cars as well as the running of the SpaceX project. Hence, to make its dream comes true the company wants to hire highly skilled and motivated roboticists who can contribute their best efforts towards the accomplishment of its dream to make the next-gen biped robot that has not been built by anyone till now.

The lucky employees will get the opportunity to work closely with a multi-disciplinary team that aims to build a humanoid robot that can easily work in the tedious and exhaustive work environment.

Currently, no confirmation has been made yet by Tesla regarding the launch of the upcoming humanoid robot but it is expected that the company could launch the first model of the both by 2022.

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