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The First Smartphone Ever With 64 Megapixel Camera


Realme released the Realme 5 series last week in India, but the brand is gearing up to launch another mid-range smartphone in the upcoming weeks. The Realme XT is all set to follow on the heels of the Realme X that debuted back in May, but the key highlight is a 64MP camera at the back.

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The Realme XT is the first smartphone ever to feature the sensor, with the brand narrowly edging out its Chinese rival Xiaomi. Xiaomi is set to launch the Redmi Note 8 series in Beijing later in the following week, while the Redmi Note 8 Pro is predicted to feature the same 64MP sensor.

Realme is racing against Xiaomi to release the first 64-megapixel camera in a phone. Xiaomi is supposed to launch the Redmi Note 8 on August 29th, and Android Central notes that the Redmi Note 8 Pro is expected to use the same high-resolution sensor. Currently, there’s no official word on the launch date of either Xiaomi or Realme’s handsets, so it is unclear which will be the first to market.

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Users who wish to see what photos taken with the Realme XT could look like, then they can take a look of the full image at the sample images 1 sample images 2 [Source The verge] the corporate revealed earlier this month. Although the sensor is manufactured to produce 16-megapixel images by default (by integrating information from groups of four pixels simultaneously), the photos contain a staggering amount of detail.

While both smartphone manufacturing corporates are gearing up to launch 64-megapixel camera phones, Xiaomi also says it’s not easy at work on integrating Samsung’s new 108-megapixel sensor into another upcoming handset, although it hasn’t revealed any further detail about when this unnamed phone might come to market. For now, what users need to know is that the smartphone has four cameras at the back — much like the Realme 5 Pro — and a gradient pattern that’s similar to that of the Huawei P30 Pro.

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