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The wrecking havoc of Zero Click Attacks


Last Updated on 02/12/2021 by Anamika

Zero Click attacks are the newest addition to the cyber-crime world. Zero- Click attacks have the potential to hack various devices at once with almost zero interaction with the user and making the device vulnerable.

What happened with earlier cases was that the user must have had to at least click on a link or download a file to initiate the process of hacking, or to compromise the data. To safeguard against security breaches, most people have avoided clicking suspicious emails, messages, and risky downloads.

The most vulnerable of all, a Zero Click Spyware called Pegasus is behind the attacks of Apple. It is making iOS devices and iMessage vulnerable by deploying malware. After which Apple quickly patched the flaw in the spyware.

Accoridng to the reports of Screenrant, Pegasus was created by the NSO Group, an Israeli hacker group that includes former members of the Israeli military intelligence. 

As of now, Zero Click Attacks are just targeting Apple devices and they have a lot of data to hunt the vulnerabilities on all the platforms. The main aim of the attackers is to find all the loopholes in the structure and find the highest bidder for the loopholes to earn extra money.

 Zero-click attacks may be a new, devious way that hackers infiltrate devices, but they’re still preventable.

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