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There is a possibility that Verizon is Collecting Your Data, Here is how this can be stopped.


Last Updated on 16/12/2021 by Ulka

Verizon may be gathering data on your browser history, location, apps, and contacts in order to help the firm “understand your interests,” according to Input. Verizon Custom Experience is the name of the programme, which Verizon appears to automatically enrol customers in, and its options are hidden in the privacy settings of the My Verizon app. 

The application presents two separate options, Custom Experience and Custom Experience Plus that appear in the app and differ in terms of invasiveness. Additional information on the app’s settings, as well as a FAQ page on Verizon’s website, is available. The Custom Experience option appears to be a stripped-down version of Custom Experience Plus, and it aids Verizon in “personalising” its “communication with you” and “giving you more relevant product and service recommendations” by using “information about websites you visit and apps you use on your mobile device,” as stated directly in the app. If Verizon knows you like music, it may use your information to, for example, present you with an offer that contains music content or give you a music-related option in its Verizon Up incentive programme. You “must opt-in to participate in Customer Experience Plus tracking and you can change your option at any time,” according to Verizon. Customers may have unintentionally signed up for those Up Rewards or other promotions with hidden repercussions. 


To turn off the Custom Experience entirely, go to My Verizon and tap the gear symbol in the top-right corner of the screen. Under the “Preferences” tab, scroll down and select “Manage privacy settings.” Toggle off “Custom Experience” and “Custom Experience Plus” on the following page. Tap “Custom Experience Settings” and then “Reset” to clear the information Verizon has previously obtained about you through the programme. Even though the firm claims it won’t sell your information to advertising and will “use it strictly for Verizon reasons,” it’s still unsettling. 

T-Mobile began automatically enrolling users in a programme that shares your data with advertising in April unless you opt-out of your privacy settings manually. AT&T’s privacy centre states that the firm gathers online and surfing information, as well as the apps you use and that you can control these settings from AT&T’s website.

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