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Things to Do in #covid19 to Be Healthy


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Coronavirus disease 2019 is an infectious disease which can spread from person to person. There are several varieties of human coronaviruses including those that typically cause minor diseases of the upper respiratory tract. COVID-19 is a new illness, caused by a novel coronavirus not seen in humans before. Present signs for COVID-19 patients are moderate to severe respiratory illness including fever, flu and cough along with major difficulty in breathing. Coronavirus is a new virus that has not been previously recognised. The virus causing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is not the same as the coronaviruses that commonly flow among humans and cause illness including the common cold. It is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.

The outbreak was first detected in 2019 in Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei province of China, and has since spread worldwide, culminating in an on-going coronavirus pandemic in 2019–20. Fever, cough, and shortness of breath are typical symptoms. Many signs may include chest pain, sputum development, nausea, sore throat, lack of odour and stomach pain.

So here is a list of thing to do, during this pandemic breakdown of COVID 2019 for staying healthy and safe at home. The positive thing for COVID-19 is that it seems unlikely that children and young adults will experience severe symptoms. The unfortunate news is that they also tend to be able to bear the illness and pass it over to elderly adults who are at much higher risk of dying from it. Hence we need to take the utmost care and precaution to stop the spread.



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Coronaviruses can spread when people with the virus have close, prolonged contact with non-infected persons. It usually involves wasting more than 15 minutes with an infected person within two metres. Hence social distancing is a must. The more you come into contact with an infected person’s droplets arising from coughs and sneezes; the most likely you are to catch the infection. Social distancing may involve measures such as temporarily limiting socialization in public areas such as concerts or athletic activities, decreasing our use of non-essential public transit or encouraging more work at home.



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It is important to keep your immunity strong, for this, you definitely cannot survive on a junkie burger. You are required to have normal and simple meals with all vitamin and minerals to keep your internal system fit and working. You are required to not eat junk food and especially outside food. Avoid boredom and stress eating in the times of COVID to stay kicking and alive. Apart from this drink lots and lots of water and critic juices to keep your throat wet and to avoid infection.



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We all know that the gyms are shut, and sitting all day will make you a couch potato, along with a degraded immunity, which won’t let you fight against the virus. You are required to promote in-home working out with very simple exercises, avoid breaking your arms and legs!! But walking, biking or riding outdoors is good, as long as you maintain a healthy distance that is preferably about six feet from others. A lot of gyms and fitness coaches offer immersive courses right now as well.



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Managing stress and anxiety is vital to getting enough sleep — and having enough sleep is vital to nearly every other part of your wellbeing. Meditation and yoga are excellent ways to relieve stress, and they can be achieved in a small room. You need to keep yourself positive; you maybe get anxiety attack but make sure you keep yourself busy and not panic.



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This is the most important one, bring lots and lots of bottles of sanitizers and sanitise each thing in the house. Don’t touch anything without sanitizing your hands. Apply it after a few hours to keep your hands clean. Wipe out the door handles, parcels, gym accessories, packed food, doorbell and cars. Keep in mind that sanitizers are flammable and can cause burns, when in contact with fire. Don’t use it in the kitchen and while cooking.



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Keep in mind that you have to cover your mouth and nose, to stay away from the virus as a precaution. It is not about using an N-95 mask, you can even use a normal mask or anything that covers your nose and mouth, don’t keep on touching it with your hand. Put a mask in crowded areas if stepping out of the house. If you have extra, give it to others.



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The reason we get sick or transfer viruses over to us is by the droplets of coughs and sneezes – for example, by someone who has a virus, coughing over their face, or hitting a handle on the door. An easy and efficient way to defend yourself and others from coronavirus is to make sure that you always wash your hands with soap and water. It’s especially important to wash your hands after you get home or go to work or before you cook or eat meals. When you’re unwell you must catch your cough and sneezes in a towel, so if you need to use your shoulder, throw out the tissues, and wash your face.



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Because COVID-19 is still circulating in the world, individuals with coronavirus symptoms will be self-isolated at home. This involves remaining inside and avoiding contact with others for seven days after symptoms have arisen. Within seven days, patients will go back to daily behaviour because they do not have a fever and feel like they are recovering.



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Now that COVID-19 is known to be circulating in the population that may mean that the NHS is more busy than normal so it’s important to think more of the NHS services you are using. If you start having signs and suspect you might have coronavirus, contact the coronavirus organization in your regions.



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Keep yourself updated with the on-going virus, its preventive tips and cases. Spread the word and promote social distancing a distancing at home. Don’t follow in rumours; don’t consume any medicine until and unless prescribed. Don’t mix up with people, even if you have or don’t have symptoms. Have all the essentials with you and try to help others also in the time of the pandemic.


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