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This EdTech Company is helping B.Tech students get placed in tech companies with “No Fee Upfront” plans


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India is the world’s fastest-growing economy with a seemingly big stake in the AI and coding revolution. More than half of its population is under the age of 25. Because technology upheavals such as AI and coding are once-in-a-generation events, large-scale adoption plans, particularly in schools, must find a compromise between limited financial effect definitions and the larger good.

The post-pandemic era led to the increase in use of technology in education at an exponential rate. The students/ trainees require  remote self-learning platforms that provide AI and coding technology instruction to stay up with this widespread embrace of digital transformation.

All about Hi-Coder

This EdTech Company is helping B.Tech students get placed in tech companies with "No Fee Upfront" plans 1

An Indian EdTech startup, HiCoder, based in HiTech City, Hyderabad, India, assists job seekers and job changers in learning software engineering and obtaining employment in the industry by skilling the most in-demand technologies.

What is their “No Professor Classroom” approach?

HiCoder takes a unique approach to preparing students for the industry by combining skilling, building, communication, and experience in a single program.

This startup employs a “No Professor Classroom” model, providing students with mentorship and training programmes from experienced software engineers who have worked or are currently working at companies such as Microsoft, Nvidia, Philips, Bosch, Samsung, Google, and others.

All about its “No fee upfront” plans

This EdTech Company is helping B.Tech students get placed in tech companies with "No Fee Upfront" plans 2

This HiTech City-based EdTech startup uses a pay-after-placement tuition fee approach to help job seekers get a job in the software industry. HiCoder charges only a small tuition fee when students begin training and the remainder only when students are placed in an IT company with a package worth 500,000 rupees or more per year. HiCoder charges a small percentage of the total tuition fee as an enlistment expense/security, which is deducted from the total educational expense when the candidate pays the total tuition fee.

Why not consider any other similar option?

HiCoder competitors (UpGrad, GreatLearning, SimpliLearn) charging similar courses in the space charge up to $280,000 in tuition regardless of whether the candidate gets a job in the industry. This method works, but students take the risk, and the majority of them end up taking out loans to study. HiCoder addresses this issue to a greater extent by charging only a small percentage of the total course fee as a registration fee and requiring students to pay only when they are hired.

The total fee for HiCoder is around 2,30,000 rupees, with the student paying 30,000 rupees up front and the remaining 2,00,00 in small EMIs over two years only if they get a job worth percent lakhs per annum or higher.

The youth needs support now more than ever.

This EdTech Company is helping B.Tech students get placed in tech companies with "No Fee Upfront" plans 3

Especially the students having done B-tech are stuck between the dilemma of finding a job that satisfies their R.O.I after years of education and one that satisfies their need for growing with the changing era and not just theories without practical applicability.

A question posed on Qoura asking why the students with a degree in Btech have to adjust with their ideal job expectations. 

Rohit Dubey, consultant at OpenText Technologies India Pvt Ltd 

His answer:

” 1.Lack of good companies to absorb them. Specific cities get burdened due to centralisation of firms . Political leaders have no vision except corruption and faking promises.

2. Huge gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation, education system need to modify. Intercommunication between universities.

3. Social thinking regarding job, self business is not promoted and people feel shame to start a small business if they have degrees.”

Shubham Sharma, former engineer at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business solutions

” One reason for mass unemployment in India is that the level of knowledge of our so called engineers are not as per the expectation of the corporate sector .Most of us (so called Engineering Graduates) mug up the syllabus to pass the exams without knowing the proper intention of that very particular subject.Examination is one of the root cause,People are so scared and busy to pass exams that they don`t even care for practical aspect and implementation of that very gained knowledge.Thus arises a gap which is hard to be bridged further.

Second reason that i feel from my prospective is the lack of passion .Many people take up B.tech course because most of us see Engineering as a profession to get into Job and regardless of the content of Engineering ,the main focus is to get a Job.Many of them don`t even know why they chose that very particular domain to study but still get an Engineering degree .For example talking about my domain ,i have seen 90% of my colleagues studying Electronics ,having no basic knowledge of transistors or even the subjects & still getting 1st class distinction on their Degree.I have seen many people studying electronics & later switching to different domains like IT,Data-science,BPO,management etc etc. So all the efforts of the four years go in vain .Same case scenario for other streams as well.PASSIONLESS (SO-CALLED) ENGINEERS.

Thirdly ,our education System . Its wrong to call it Education System ,it should be called as “Education Business”.What is the use of Engineering institutes if they cant induce the required skillset as per the emerging market demand.Just by distributing Degrees ,they are pumping their trust with money day by day ,turning black money into white .But at what cost ?

I think ,at the cost of the future of our students.”

Apoorva Dixit, studied at Ajay Kumar Garg engineering college 

“…..This is basically because there is problem in how the knowledge is given to us. I happen to be in my final year of B.tech but have never realized or felt that I am about to become a engineer. The syllabus taught to us is completely theoretical and no practical implementation is ever done. What industry expects is more of practical and logical work but what we our made to do either screws up our entire life or the lucky ones happen to switch their fields and become better in some other thing.”

As long as the risk is on the HiCoder’s side, teaching the most in-demand technology becomes the HiCoder’s responsibility. HiCoder is backed by STABLX, a software and marketing company that has built software applications that have reached 100M+ people in the past and will assist students in building real and useful applications.

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