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Toshiba tech Corp data hacked!


Last Updated on 24/05/2021 by Khushi

The data of Toshiba tech Corp has been stolen by the DarkSide ransomware attack, however, according to some sources, only minimum amount of data has been stolen although it is a matter of concern as according to the cybersecurity firm the group has shared a post in there dark side’s website in which they mentioned that they have hacked more than 740 gigabytes of data of the company which includes not only the company’s details but apart from this it also involves the personal details of the employees.

Toshiba tech corp is a Japan-based tech company, since 1950 it has been engaged in the production of office machinery, electronic equipment for the distribution system, document processing, etc.

For the last 71 years, the company has been working very hard to provide their best services to the customers, that is why whenever someone needs to buy office accessories they mostly prefer to buy a product manufactured by Toshiba, in such a scenario it might cause a massive loss to the company if any hacking group hack their data.

Since the lockdown has been imposed the employees are working for the company by using their computer in such circumstances it became easier for hackers to hack information about the company and their employees.

Reuters, a news portal about hacking or cyber security is continuously trying to access DarkSide’s public-facing website but unfortunately, they’re unable to access it, although they’re Continuously working to get access to the website. According to some sources over 30 hacking  groups are working under the DarkSide ransomware website which is quite a matter of concern for the cybersecurity agency and they should solve this issue soon.

Along with Toshiba, it has been also believed that the DarkSide group is the main culprit behind the recently happened Colonial Pipeline attack. Therefore, it became more important now to trace this group as soon as possible to avoid further hacking cases in the future.

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