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Twitter is soon going to shut down its feature “Fleets”.


Last Updated on 15/07/2021 by Riya

Twitter confirmed on Wednesday that its feature ‘Fleets’, which is the app’s form of 24-hour stories, will be shut down from August 3. The feature was launched previous year in order to compete with Snapchat and Instagram who’ve already updated this feature many years ago. The feature was updated with the aim of increasing the user engagement in Twitter discussion. However, the micro-blogging site hasn’t witnessed the rise in more individuals entering the Fleets conversation. By introducing ‘Fleets’ into its platform Twitter also wanted to incorporate advertisements into fleets and earn a profit but failed to do this as the feature was not used by more users.

With Fleet Twitter users could leverage the ability to share full-screen pictures, video clips, reply to tweets, etc. that will be automatically wiped out after 24 hours. After the feature was updated several Twitter users had criticized it citing the feature didn’t belong to a microblogging site. According to the sources, Twitter’s move to drop Fleets isn’t only due to the function didn’t succeed but the reason might also include the platform’s inability to encourage more users to tweet frequently.” According to the microblogging site Twitter, “We’ll look into more approaches to fix the issues that prevent individuals from tweeting frequently.

It is expected that to fix the issue, Twitter will ask for feedback from its users to made changes in its platform to encourage more people to participate in the Twitter conversation. By closing down Fleets Twitter can get more time to focus on exhibit Spaces, and enable them to take advantage of the growing audio-only feature. Furthermore, Twitter is also planning to bring a feature that allows users to earn money by posting special content, ticketed Spaces, and more on its platform.

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