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Twitter to add “fleet ads” on its platform soon


Last Updated on 04/06/2021 by Khushi

Twitter will soon follow the footsteps of Facebook and Snapchat by introducing “fleet ads,” a disappearing Post feature in its platform. According to a source close to Twitter, testing of the feature will start on Tuesday.

Along with this feature, the firm intends to give businesses more options to customize advertisements on Twitter in order to encourage both large and small businesses to join the platform.

Twitter to add "fleet ads" on its platform soon 1

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The goal of adopting this feature is to increase Twitter’s yearly revenue by 2023, putting it in direct competition with Facebook and Snapchat. Twitter is aiming to place ads on various parts of its platform in order to achieve its goal.

Furthermore, adding Fleet advertisements to Twitter allows users to be redirected straight to the company’s official website or social media page, which can assist businesses in attracting more clients to their website.

Previously, the feature was not available on Twitter; however, in order to provide greater convenience to Twitter users and businesses, Twitter is now adding this feature to its platform.

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