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Twitter’s redesigned API now includes support for Twitter spaces


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Sanskriti

Soon new alteration will be seen in Twitter’s latest rebuilt API through which the third party gets access to make tools and some solutions for its audio chatroom products specifically i.e., Twitter Spaces. The business stated today that it is releasing additional endpoints for the Twitter API v2 to enable Spaces, with the first focus on allowing live or planned Space discovery. This might be followed by an API update that allows developers to provide more tools for Spaces’ hosts.

Last year, Twitter unveiled its completely redesigned API, with the objective of updating its developer platform while also making it simpler to add support for future Twitter features at a faster rate. One example of that strategy being put into action is the new API support for Twitter Spaces.

Twitter believes that with the latest API change, developers will create new solutions that make it easier for users — both on and off Twitter — to locate Twitter Spaces.

This may possibly extend Spaces’ reach and offer its audio conversations to a wider audience, giving Twitter an advantage in the increasingly competitive audio-based social networking market. Today, Twitter Spaces competes with Discord, Facebook, Reddit, Public.com, Spotify, and other smaller social apps that allow audio chat. Developers will get access to two new endpoints, Spaces lookup and Spaces search, according to Twitter, which will allow them to search for live and planned Spaces based on specified criteria such as the Spaces ID, user ID, or keywords.

Users may also discover about the public metadata and analytics connected with a Space, such as speakers, host profile information, the number of participants, detected language, start time, scheduled start time, status, creation time, and whether the Space is ticketed or not, according to Twitter. Twitter claims it talked to developers about which Spaces features to add into its API first, and they told them they wanted functionality that might help people discover Spaces they would be interested in and create recalls for visiting.

Developers also intend to provide tools that would allow Spaces hosts to better assess how well their audio conversations are doing, according to the developers. However, with today’s API change, most of these choices aren’t now available.

Twitter has only stated that it is “exploring” new features, such as tools that would allow developers to incorporate reminders into their products, as well as tools that would allow developers to surface certain metrics fields accessible in the API or construct analytics dashboards.

These suggestions for new endpoints have yet to be included in Twitter’s Developer Platform Roadmap.

Twitter also told us that it isn’t working on any API endpoints that would allow developers to create separate client apps for Twitter Spaces because the developer community hasn’t indicated an interest in doing so.

Several developers had been attending a weekly Spaces held by Daniele Bernardi from the Twitter Spaces team, and they were already aware of upcoming changes. Developers that have access to the v2 API can start working with the new endpoints today, but no new experiences are ready to go at this time.

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