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Unacademy intends to acquire an Indian game streaming platform “Rheo TV”.


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Indian online learning platform Unacademy is planning to acquire Rheo TV, a platform for game streamers. A two-year-old platform helped several professional game streamers to make money through live streaming their gameplay, as per the deal, some team members of rheo tv will have to join unacademy. Saksham Keshri and Prakash Kumar, two former unacademy employees, have created this platform. They witnessed how content entrepreneurs were generated through various platforms while working at Unacademy and were later motivated to start their own live game streaming platform.

It has been running well over the past two years, and it has gained a lot of popularity amongst Indian professional live gaming streamers.Last year, the startup raised $2 million in a seed fundraising round, and it is currently backed by Lightspeed India Partners and Sequoia Capital India’s Surge. Rheo TV was founded with the goal of making game streaming a mainstream profession in India. The game streaming platform’s founders aim to put gaming in the league of cricket and Bollywood in India.Due to the fast internet and low-cost smartphones, India already has roughly 200 million active gamers.

In Rheo Tv the game streamers are paid based on their gameplay, follower base, and performance in prior tournaments by Rheo Tv.If the deal is finalized, it will assist Rheo Tv in improving its platform and adding more amazing features that will allow professional game streamers to pursue gaming as a full-time job.

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