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US Government announces a $10 million reward to help locate DarkSide’s ransomware group members


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

The U.S. government yesterday promises to offer a $10 million reward for giving details regarding the location of DarkSide ransomware group members. A $5 million reward will also be granted to the individual who gives a tip on the Darkside affiliates, who help the organization conduct out an attack occasionally.

The State Department disclosed the information in a press release yesterday.US authorities took this measure amid high-profile cyber-attack attempts by DarkSide’s Ransomware group including an attack on the major US firm Colonial Pipeline in May 2021 causing massive disruption in fuel supply to the East Coast for a week.

The US cyber security agency is constantly working hard to get any lead of the Ransomware group since the past 11 years some of its group members were also arrested in 2018 but unfortunately this time the agency fails to get a good result.

However, it is believed that this reward strategy will help catch those hackers of the group that attempts hacking incidents in the past 1-2 years. Once the agency successfully caught the hackers they will be sent to jail or might be fined for being involved in massive cybercriminal activities.

However, let me tell you that US authorities have Implemented a similar reward strategy earlier in April 2020, August 2020, and July 2021 as well.

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