You cannot compromise on safety when it comes to keeping guns away from children and intruders which is why you need the best biometric gun safe. There have been far too many unfortunate occurrences in the past that serve as a clear reminder of the need of keeping our firearms locked up. The finest biometric gun safe will provide you the security, accessibility, and mobility you need. Using a gun safe with a biometric locking mechanism has several advantages. It restricts access to just those who have been given permission to open the safe. When danger knocks on your door, fingerprint scanning technology allows you to have the handgun at your disposal in a matter of seconds.

A gun safe is a lockable container for one or more weapons and/or ammunition. Gun safes are generally used to prevent unwanted or unqualified individuals from gaining access, as well as to protect the contents from damage caused by water, fire, or other natural catastrophes in more competent safes. In many locations, access control is mandated by law, mandating the use of a gun lock, metal gun cabinet, or gun safe. Gun safes have mostly supplanted the finely stained wood gun cabinets with etched glass fronts that were popular decades ago, while some gun safes are designed to look like such gun cabinets.To assure the secure security of its contents against forced access, certain safes employ live locking bolt technology and pry resistant metal. Some safes simply protect against smash-and-grab burglary and unauthorised entry by young family members at home or outside, while others also guard against fire, flood, and other natural catastrophes. Vault doors can be used to create walk-in gun safes or vaults in a home’s dedicated room or gun armoury. These chambers are also occasionally utilised as a dual-purpose gun safe or panic room, or even as a specialised tornado or hurricane shelter.

Gun safes with carved wood exteriors are mostly ornamental and mimic antique gun cabinets that were formerly used to exhibit weapons. Wood veneer and extremely thick tempered glass may be used in the design.

Features of biometric gun safe

1-Image sensor-The Biometric safe fingerprint image sensor uses an optical sensor to build a bio algorithm of your fingerprint, which is then stored in memory to allow access to the safe. To unlock the safe, the Biometric sensor reads your fingerprint using innovative industry-leading algorithm-mapping technology.

2-User memory-Fingerprints are stored in biometric safes’ internal memory. Multiple users can be saved in memory in all Barska biometric safes. It’s also a good idea to scan and save numerous fingers in the safe’s memory in case one of your fingers is severely injured or if you want to access the safe with any of your fingers.

3-Mounting memory-Barska Biometric Safes come with installation holes pre-drilled in the bottom and rear of the safe. The lag-bolts that come with the safe allow you to fasten it to a fixed structure. All safes should be securely fastened to a sturdy framework.

4-DEADBOLT SYSTEM-Motorized dead bolts are used in standard to compact Barska biometric safes as an extra safety feature. The motorised deadbolts keep the locking system safe from tampering, which may cause the locking solenoids to fail.

5-Mounted safe-There are also wall-mounted safes that may be installed externally or inside, requiring a hole in the wall to be drilled. These may need expert installation; the less-than-skilled should consult a contractor about the installation, if not pay one to do it for them.

Advantages of biometric gun safe

1-Nothing to remember-One of the most significant benefits of biometric fingerprint safes is the elimination of the need to remember a combination. To open the safe, you only need your own fingers. Simply lay your fingertips on the scanner to unlock the safe.

2-There’s no way to lose a key-In addition, a biometric fingerprint safe eliminates the requirement for a key. Traditional safes that require a key to open are only useful if the key is not misplaced. It is not only a security concern to lose a safe key, but it can also be highly costly to have a safe opened if the key is lost.

3-Easy to use-Many of the best biometric fingerprint safes allow you to save the fingerprints of many persons. As a result, many family members or office workers may have access to the safe. This is far safer than having a large number of keys in circulation or having a large number of individuals know the combination to a safe.

4-More secure-In principle, biometric fingerprint safes are more secure than keypad or lock and key safes. A youngster may, for example, guess or discover a combination or locate a key to a gun safe. Most biometric safes, on the other hand, have a backup method of accessing the contents. This might be a keypad or a combo keypad. So, in order to fully benefit from the additional protection afforded by a fingerprint safe, you’ll need to be cautious with the backup key or combination.

5-Faster access-The contents of biometric fingerprint safes may be accessed quickly. If it’s gun safe, this is very beneficial. Finding a key or memorising a combination may be too time consuming in an emergency. By merely placing your finger against the scanner, you may obtain access to a fingerprint safe.

Disadvantages of biometric gun safe

1-Needs power to work-Electronic scanners are used in biometric safes to scan fingerprints. As a result, they require electricity to function. Typically, fingerprint safes are powered by batteries. Battery monitors are common in the best biometric fingerprint safes, and they will alert you when the batteries need to be charged or replaced. The fingerprint scanner, however, will stop operating once the power runs out.

2-Scans that are not accurate-When someone whose fingerprints are not registered in the system is able to access the safe, this is known as a false scan. False positives, also known as false scans, are less prevalent in current safes than they were in previous versions. However, they can still happen, especially with low-cost biometric safes.

3-Non-scans-When a biometric fingerprint safe fails to detect a stored fingerprint, it is called a non-scan. Non-scans might occur as a result of a system malfunction or unclean fingertips. For older individuals who want to utilise a biometric safe, there is also the possibility of a problem. Our fingerprints grow less distinct as we get older. For some elderly, fingerprint scanners are ineffective. Fingerprint scanners might be difficult to use for certain persons due to poor blood flow and regular wear and strain on fingers.

4-Price-Biometric fingerprint safes used to be more expensive than they are now. In recent years, costs have plummeted. Biometric safes are more expensive than combination or lock and key safes, although they are not significantly more expensive. With fingerprint safes, like with everything else, you get what you pay for. Biometric safes that are very inexpensive will be more prone to issues than those that are more expensive.

5-Delay-You want your safety box to open the safe fast when you’re in a rush and need to get to your stored handgun immediately. However, if you have a biometric scanner, it may take longer or perhaps fail to unlock the safe.

Things to consider when buying Biometric gun safe

1-Size-If thinking about obtaining more firearms in the future, acquire a gun safe that’s bigger than your existing collection. If you’re searching for a safe to take on a trip, you’ll want something tiny and unobtrusive. Although stack-on safes are available, security experts advise having a single big safe with a reliable locking mechanism.

2-Stainless steel gauge-Your guns will be better protected if the steel is thicker. Experts agree that 10-gauge steel is the best choice for home security safes, although gauges ranging from 9 to 14 are also reliable. The vault door of a safe is sometimes thicker in steel gauge than the sides or rear.

3-Lock access-Biometric, electronic, and dial locking mechanisms are the three types of locking mechanisms available. A biometric fingerprint scanner will provide you immediate access to a firearm, whereas electronic and dial locks would take longer. A dial lock does not require batteries or an electrical power source, but biometric and electronic locks do.

4-Rating for fire resistance-Steel, which has a melting point of 2,500°F, is used in the majority of gun safes. And just because the average temperature of a house fire is 1,200°F doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned about fire safety. If you’re thinking about purchasing a safe for your house, be sure it has a fire rating of 30 to 120 minutes.

5-Storage-Check the storage capacity of a large safe before purchasing it. To keep your tiny and big guns organised, most multi-gun safes come with door storage and shelves.

Here’s the top 13 best biometric gun safe in 2022

1.BARSKA Biometric Safe

The BARSKA Biometric Safe is a fingerprint gun safe that is simple to operate and dependable. This gun safe, which has been certified by the Department of Justice, can store up to 120 fingerprints. The safe’s edges are made of solid steel and are tamper-resistant. The safe also has a silent mode, allowing you to access your gun without being heard if a burglar breaks in. The safe is pry-resistant thanks to the motorised steel deadbolts. This BARSKA safe may be mounted anywhere in your home thanks to pre-drilled mounting holes. For emergencies, you receive two backup keys and a power pack. When you submit your fingerprint, the strong 14-gauge door opens in less than 2.5 seconds at the front.The internal capacity is sufficient for your pistol as well as other items such as passports, papers, and so on.Place your finger on the sensor at a high level. If you don’t have at least 2/3 of your fingerprint on the sensor, the biometric module won’t recognise it. The sensor should not be touched with the tip of your finger. You should also place your finger low on the sensor and scan it. On the sensor, only the top 2/3rd of your fingerprint should be visible.


1-Solid steel-With 100% steel walls, tamper-resistant inner edges, and two built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts, you can be certain that your treasures are safe from attackers.

2-Security-Solid steel structure protects vital documents, prescription drugs, valuable possessions, and defensive weapons. You can shut off young children and undesirable users with dependable 2.5-second scans while still having fast access for daily tasks, home defence, and emergencies.

3-Trusted value-Barska takes pride in providing value and cutting-edge technology. The Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe has also passed rigorous laboratory tests to assure top-notch quality.

4-Compact design-The safe’s small form allows it to be easily mounted inside closets, cupboards, or nightstands, making it an excellent addition to new inns and hotels. Parents and grandparents can simply keep excess cash, medicine, and guns out of the hands of children.

5-Build to last-The Biometric Safe is made of durable steel that can resist regular use as well as prying and tampering. To discourage theft and improve childproof weapon security, it has protective inner borders and a twin deadbolt locking system.


  • It has a Sleek design
  • You can store your documents
  • It Looks good


  • Less warranty

2. BARSKA Large Biometric Safe

This is a huge BARSKA biometric safe that can hold numerous pistols and even larger firearms. This safe has a volume of 1.45 cubic feet, making it a virtual house safe for all your valuables. The tamper-resistant and pry-resistant construction provides dependable security. This, along with the biometric lock’s rapid entry, makes it the greatest biometric handgun safe on the market. You have two seconds to get to your gun, which is critical in an emergency. The backup keys are inserted into a concealed backup keyhole. It weighs a bit less than 45 pounds due to its size.However, using the predrilled holes and hardware provided, you may easily place it anywhere you like. BARSKA has a long history of making biometric gun safes, so you can be confident in the quality.Accessing possessions during an emergency is as quick as 2 seconds and as simple as a push and scan with the sophisticated biometric fingerprint lock. The central database can save up to 120 fingerprints, and by storing each one several times from different angles, you’ll be able to unlock the safe on the first try – even in the dark. Scan and record each fingerprint at these advised positions for unmatched scanner reliability.


1-Solid steel-With 100 percent steel walls, tamper-resistant inner edges, and three built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts, you can be certain that your possessions are safe from attackers.

2-Storage-The Biometric Safe offers enough capacity to store ammunition, medication, jewels, and confidential papers, with 1.45 ft3 and two detachable shelves. For unparalleled convenience, the safe may be placed almost anywhere.

3-Easy backup-4 AA batteries (not included) will power your Security Safe for up to a year. If you forget to change the batteries, just place the supplied keys in the secret keyhole or use the backup battery pack.

4-Deters theft-The Home Safe protects your possessions and prevents unwanted access with steel, tamper-resistant edges, and three deadbolts. It may be hung in your closet, cupboard, or even on your bedside.

5-Safe-With the Barska big biometric safe, you can keep your valuables safe and out of sight. Its cutting-edge locking system is activated by fingerprint recognition; the safe’s memory may store up to 120 unique fingerprints. A protected floor mat, mounting hardware, and a pair of backup keys are all provided.


  • Compact storage
  • Built to last
  • It is safe to use


  • 1 year warranty only

3-Portable Strongbox, Professional Fingerprint Key Security Box, Hard Customizable Ergonomic Design Long Service Life Vehicles Bookshelf for Desk Workshop Drawer

Portable Strongbox, Professional Fingerprint Key includes all of the features that a handgun safe should have. First and foremost, this safe can accommodate two handguns. Second, it has a biometric lock as well as spare key unlocking for further protection. This safe is extremely portable, weighing only 12.5 pounds. You may take it with you when you travel, store it in your car, or use it at home. For the biometric lock, you may register up to 20 fingerprints. With this in your house, you’ll have easy access to your weapon in an emergency.The interior is lined with foam cushioning to protect the pistols from scratches. The safe has a single lock latch and is composed of 16-gauge steel. You may mount it using the predrilled holes at the bottom, which make it easy to transport.


1-QUICK ACCESS-You can rapidly access your belongings,or guns using 3 methods:a backlit keypad,a biometric keypad scanner,or backup keys.

2-Security Alarm-If the user enters the erroneous password more than five times, the alarm will sound for five minutes, deterring anyone from attempting to access your gun safe.

3-Security alarm-The security alert will sound for 5 minutes if you make 5 failed fingerprint tries or input the incorrect passcode 5 times before inserting the backup key or removing the battery.

4-Advanced-A fingerprint scanner is included in the handgun safe (Up to 20 fingerprints can be programmed). It protects two ordinary pistols or one bigger weapon in a more sophisticated and dependable manner.

5-Tough-The handgun safe comes with a fingerprint scanner (Up to 20 fingerprints can be programmed). It provides more complex and reliable protection for two regular handguns or one larger weapon.


  • Automatic Opening door
  • Electronic keypad
  • It has security alarm


  • 1 year Warranty only

4. Langger Biometric Wall Safe, Hidden Fingerprint Security Wall Safe (Small Size)

This Langger Biometric Wall Safe comes as one of the best safes around the world. The safe uses a 500 DPI biometric scanner to provide accurate fingerprint scanning. This implies the safe can be opened in less than a second, hence the term Quick-Access. It can handle up to 100 fingerprint scans and has a lengthy battery life. You may always utilise the backup keys in case of an emergency. The rubber buttons are silent, and the safe’s gas-spring door opens and closes easily. If you live in California, you can purchase this safe since it fulfils the California Department of Justice’s criteria. Using the holes on the bottom of the safe, you may attach it to the floor or a shelf.It employs a dual-layer steel body to defend against tampering and prying, despite the fact that it isn’t a high-end safe.


1-Durable-Securely store jewels, documents, and a handgun in this quick-access firearm safety device. robust dual-layer steel housing and pry-resistant door

2-Automatic-Instant, silent, single-handed access is provided by whisper-quiet rubber buttons and a gas-spring door; automatic-opening door.

3-Sensor-For extra-fast access, a 500 DPI semiconductor Biometric Fingerprint Sensor with an exceptional match speed of less than 1 second is available.

4-Approved-The California Department of Justice has certified this product as a firearm safety device.

5-Dual layer-It employs a dual-layer steel body to defend against tampering and prying, despite the fact that it isn’t a high-end safe.


  • It has a Compact design
  • It has a dual layer system
  • Automatic sensor feature


  • Less warranty

5. Barska Biometric Fingerprint Security Wall Safe 0.52 Cubic Ft

The Barska Biometric Fingerprint Security Wall goes a step farther in terms of gun safety. It has a robust construction, as well as built-in hinges and an internal safety bracket. A kid or an invader would have a difficult time breaking into the safe. The biometric lock is extremely fast, unlocking the lockbox door in a fraction of a second. The scanner can store 40 fingerprints and the manual keys can be used to open the safe. It comes with predrilled holes on the back and bottom for wall and floor installation. Because this safe has a larger capacity than other handgun safes, you can easily store two handguns.The interior is well-padded on all sides with high-density foam to prevent harm to the contents.


1-Strong and secure-The improved anti-theft gun safe is constructed of strong, cold-rolled steel and has an anti-smash bar, two-point anti-collision lock, built-in hinges, and a new internal safety bracket for optimum break-in protection. Barska Biometric Fingerprint Security Wall pistol safe protects your youngsters away from weapons while also safeguarding your valuables.

2-Easy to access-Biometric For extra-fast access, a fingerprint sensor with an exceptional match speed of less than 0.1 seconds is used. The noise is isolated by the gas-spring door, allowing for silent, single-handed entrance. Touch lifespan of over 1,000,000 times; large fingerprint capacity (up to 40 unique fingerprints). Have you forgotten to take a fingerprint? Back-up keys with humanised designs are available for emergency use.

3-Durable-The gun safe handgun safe has a heavy-duty steel casing and a robust metal safe box that will give years of strength and use. To provide protection and safeguard your belongings from scratching or damage, the interior is lined with high-density memory foam. It also includes a strong steel wire for mounting to a fixture. For floor mounting, pre-drilled holes and hardware are supplied.

4-Easy to install-The biometric gun safe comes with pre-drilled holes for installation on the wall or the floor. Mounting bolts are included to make the installation procedure easier. Gun safes for pistols with wire rope may tie the Lock Box to any stationary object for extra security. 4 AA batteries  can also be used to power the gun box, ensuring that fingerprint unlocking is protected.

5-Soft foam-Soft foam adds an extra layer of protection to these safes. While your handguns are placed in the gun safe, the foam lining helps to protect them from harm.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Small fingerprint lock
  • It has a soft foam


  • Not that strong

6. Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

Vaultek, a firm that specialises in security safes, has created a very intelligent pistol safe. The safe has a biometric scanner as well as a backlit keypad, allowing for numerous methods to access the safe. This one has Bluetooth capability and can link to your phone. From the screen of your smartphone, you may turn on and off the safe’s different features as needed. Even the inside of the weapon includes an LED light to improve vision in the dark. The biometric scanner and keyboard are powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery status may be found in the app on your phone.A pistol and many other small items, such as passports or other ids, can simply be stored in the safe. Vaultek made this not just technologically secure, but also physically robust. The VT20i safe is made of carbon steel and has anti-pry bars, anti-impact brackets, and internal hinges.


1-Tough-The powder coat coating on the carbon steel structure prevents corrosion and ensures long-term protection. Anti-pry bars, reinforced interior hinges, and twin anti-impact locks are included in the ADVANCED ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION, as well as an RUGGED UNIBODY DESIGN for strength and durability.

2-Storage-THE AUTO OPEN LID PROVIDES EASY ACCESS TO YOUR VALUES AND DOCUMENTS. Use the high-resolution BIOMETRIC SCANNER, which can save 20 unique fingerprints, the gaming-inspired action of the auto-illuminating keypad with built-in proximity sensor, your smartphone, or the supplied manual keys to get in quickly when it counts most. Smart Key is not compatible.

3-Safe-SMART SAFE TECHNOLOGY provides a highly engaging experience for managing and opening the safe from your smartphone. If desired, you may toggle Bluetooth on/off using the various hotkeys while maintaining all other safe operations. The supplied micro-USB charging kit charges the RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM-ION battery in 2.5 hours and offers on-the-go power for up to 4-6 months.

4-LED lighting-The built-in PROXIMITY SENSOR lights the keypad the instant your hand brushes the keypad for rapid button navigation, and the RESPONSIVE LED LIGHTING makes it easy to see the contents of the safe at night.

5-Anti theft features:Only Vaultek offers powerful anti-theft capabilities for the ultimate break-in prevention.


  • On the go protection
  • It comes with Backup keys
  • Also has Biometric scanner


  • Design is not so great

7. YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe

The YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe is a tough safe made of heavy-duty steel with a scratch-resistant surface. It features a distinctive slanting design that is both aesthetically attractive and functional in terms of gun availability.

The fingerprint lock on the gun safe can store up to 30 fingerprints and awards a staggering 25600 points for each scan. This guarantees that fingerprint scanning is accurate and fast. It may be used as a mobile gun safe or mounted on a wall in your home. The inside is lined with a felt-like material to protect the pistol from damage. The entire design is straightforward, making it suitable for those who are uninterested in frills.


1-Advanced-It can gather around 25600 fingerprint points for each fingerprint and record up to 30 distinct fingerprints with advanced biometric identification fast release handgun safe for handguns. It’s perfect for firearms, valuables, and important documents.

2-Easy access-Quick entrance and easy access The biometric gun safe with fingerprint lock gives you pistol secure quick access to your valuables and guns. The handgun safe’s electronic password mode and backup keys allow for two more rapid enters.

3-Scratch resistant-Our fast access gun safe is made of heavy-duty strong solid steel material and has a foam-padded inside. It has a scratch-resistant surface to ensure that your things are protected for years to come.

4-Compact size-All tools for installation, pre-drilled mounting holes, and hardware for floor and wall mounting are included with the portable small size & wall mounted fingerprint gun safes.

5-Protection-The gun safe ensures your safety, while the soft inside upholstery protects your firearms from harm. It’s perfect for storing valuables such as weapons, money, essential papers, cash, watches, passports, or jewellery in any workplace or house, with a carpeted floor to minimise scratching.


  • It has a Mounted design
  • It is Easy to use
  • Also has an advanced feature


  • No fingerprint available

8. Verifi Smart Gun Safe

Choose the Verifi Smart Gun Safe if you want to prevent any issues with the biometric scanner. Its fingerprint scanner works well and is the only one that has been approved by the FBI. Up to 40 distinct fingerprints can be saved. This save was created with only one goal in mind: dependability. That’s why the safe electronics do a self-diagnostic test to ensure everything is in good working order. With this safe, you won’t have to worry about low batteries. Because it consumes relatively little power, the 4 AA batteries will last a long time.When you close the door, it automatically locks. There’s also an LED light inside to aid seeing in the dark. This biometric pistol safe also logs tamper attempts, thus it will not only prevent tampering but will also notify you when it occurs.


1-LED light-The intensity and length of LEDs may be changed without affecting battery life. To combat night blindness, the Nite-Lite+ option emits gentle, indirect light.

2-Backup key access-Access to the backup key is buried beneath the logo plate. When a backup key is used, you’ll get an audible and visual alarm.

3-Auto lock-To lock the door, simply close it. That’s all there is to it. Auto-Lock is switched on by default, however it may be disabled in the Settings menu.

4-Alerts-TAMPER ALERTS are time stamped and documented to keep you up to date on illegal access, backup-key access, and reset attempts.

5-Battery-SELF-DIAGNOSTICS are conducted on gadgets and batteries to guarantee that they are ready to use when you need them most.


  • LED adjustable light
  • Batteries are easy to use
  • It has an auto lock system


  • Price is high

9. Solomone Cavalli Portable Fingerprint Gun Safe

The Solomone Cavalli gun safe is the finest biometric safe for putting in your car or carrying with you when travelling. The inside is seven and three-quarters of a foot in length. A personal weapon and tiny jewellery, on the other hand, will readily fit. Because it’s so little, you can easily put it in your baggage and use it to travel your handgun safely. The fingerprint scanner can save up to 32 distinct fingerprints, which is plenty for a gun safe of this size. Scratch-resistant paint is applied to the painted steel. It’s robust, although the body isn’t nearly as thick as it might be. Despite this, there are no apparent hinges or locks that a burglar may manipulate.It comes with a security wire that allows it to be tethered to a safe and stable object.


1-Lightweight-With length and breadth dimensions less than A4 paper, it is tiny and elegant, portable and lightweight.

2-Sensor-FPC fingerprint security sensor technology is used, which is the most sophisticated in the world. Sensitive and trustworthy.

3-Thick layer-A thick layer of foam has been added to give the finest cushioning performance and to protect your handgun and other valuables.

4-safe-To assure the safety of your things, it is made of a robust 1mm thick cold rolled steel plate.

5- manual keys-Two manual keys are supplied as a backup to bypass the fingerprint sensor.


  • It is Portable
  • It is Lightweight and safe
  • Two manual keys available


  • No such cons

10. GunVault MiniVault Compact Gun Safe

GunVault is a well-known brand when it comes to gun safes, and this model demonstrates why. The automated sliding drawer, which reduces access time by 20%, is the feature of this biometric handgun safe. The drawer pulls out with the weapon on it as soon as you open the lock with your fingers. The fingerprint scanners in the safe box are lit, so you can see where you should put your fingertips even in the dark. These scanners have push buttons that are quite comfortable to use. Using this safe is extremely simple and straightforward.The safe’s body is composed of solid steel and has a soft lining on the interior. The drawer is padded with high-density foam. Audio tones, low battery indicator, and tamper detection are among the other useful features. In addition, the inside features a red LED light that is quite useful in the dark.


1-Obtain weapons right away: Once the minivault is opened, the 20 percent quicker auto slide out drawer enables instant access to guns. When you unlock the safe, the door will automatically spring open and the cushioned drawer will slide out.

2-No eyes were illuminated. The ergonomic push-activated lighted buttons on the digital keypad allow users to easily access the gun safe even in the darkest of locations. A set of backup keys with an improved dimpled design is supplied.

3-Inside with a cushioned interior and a led light: The contents of the safe are illuminated by a red led light, which provides trust in low-light situations. The cushioned internal drawer of the minivault keeps a pistol ready for action.

4-Safety, strength, and durability: California Department of Justice certified firearm safety device; thick gauge steel construction; mounting hardware included; tamper detection, low battery alert, mutable audio tones, and a 5-year warranty

5-Out drawer-Up to four handguns are quickly accessible thanks to an automatic slide-out drawer that is 20% faster than the previous generation.


  • It has a very Tough security
  • Comes with safety , strength


  • No such cons

11. Artemis Biometric Handgun Safe

The Artemis Biometric Handgun Safe eliminates the need for finger scanning. For starters, the fingerprint scanner’s surface area is greater than that of other gun safe fingerprint systems. The door is also automated, so it opens as soon as you press your finger on it. It’s composed of heavy-duty steel that can resist a lot of force, despite the fact that it’s only 4.5 pounds. Other essential anti-theft features include a dual locking mechanism, anti-pry bars, and hinges located on the interior. The Artemis handgun safe’s inside is what sets it apart. The pinch and pull foam inlay guarantees that your handgun remains in one place, ready to use, for maximum security.Even the underside of the top lid includes cushioning to protect the handgun from damage.


1-Reliable and fast-The 10mmx13mm finger scanning area is significantly larger than that of the majority of other safes on the market. From the auto open lid, a larger scanner provides faster and more reliable access to your guns, valuables, and papers. It can detect unclean fingers and continue to function even if the scanner is damaged. For access to your case, 394 unique fingerprints can be stored.

2-Safe-Anti-theft measures have been improved. For further security, anti-pry bars, a dual locking mechanism, and inside mounted hinges are included.

3-Lightweight and long-lasting: Artemis is made of polycarbonate plastic polymer (an incredibly strong weapons grade plastic polymer) and can WITHSTAND THE WEIGHT OF A FULL SIZE TRUCK. It is almost unbreakable but lightweight, weighing only 4.5 pounds.

4-Protection-The Pinch and Pull foam insert provides excellent protection for your weapons, preventing them from sliding about in the case while in transportation. Applying pressure around the top secures the closure.

5-Warranty: You have 30 days to return our goods if you don’t like it. As long as the goods are in sellable condition, we will give you a complete refund. In addition, we provide a one-year quality warranty.


  • It has a very Good design
  • 30 days warranty is available
  • Comes with Pinch foam 


  • No access to fingerprint

 12. AUTIGERSAFE Safe Box, Money Safe Box, Digital Security Home Safe Box with Intelligent Alarm System, Alloy Steel Safe Lock Box for Home Office Hotel Business, Cash, Pistol, Jewelry-Blackint Security Safe

With 0.77 cubic feet of storage space, the AUTIGERSAFE Safe Box is a good choice. So, in addition to the pistol, you may store your other valuables. The interior shelf splits the height and maximises the amount of space available. This is one of the most durable safes available on the market. It features an impermeable body made of Q235 carbon steel. The motorised door is 5mm thick and features a motor. This, together with three deadbolt locks, guarantees that only you have access to the safe’s contents. A dual alarm system is also included with the Jolitac security safe. If someone tries to break in or tamper with the system, the security alarm will sound for one minute, scaring anyone who tries to enter away.Two emergency keys and four AA batteries are included, as is customary.


1-Fingerprint access-Smart identity uses biometric technologies to rapidly unlock fingerprints (max store 32 fingerprints). To illuminate the fingerprint screen, press the start key, then insert your fingerprint into the fingerprint reader. Turn the knob clockwise to unlock, enter smoothly, easily, and quickly as you hear “bleep” and see the green light flash. Make your entire house or business more functional.

2-STRONG Q235 CARBON STEEL – Jolitac security safe boxes are composed of tough Q235 carbon steel. The high level of intensity ensures long-term and dependable protection. To avoid scratches and corrosion, the box’s surface is coated with a 100um thick antirust and insulating coating. To create a high-quality product, we use advanced laser cutting and seamless welding technologies.

3-Locking security-The safe box is well-built, has a powerful motorised deadbolt locking system, and successfully resists attack by hand or power tools. Three 20mm strong deadbolt locking bars quadruple the safety of a 5mm thick motorised door that is recessed from the frame. With hand tools, prying open is impossible. The finest security on the market is provided by excellent explosion-proof performance.

4-DUAL ALARM SYSTEM – The alarm will be activated if there is a strong vibration or if five incorrect entries are made. The safe will be locked and an alarm will sound for one minute. (During locking, any setting is null.) The tamper and motion-sensitive alarm that protects your family and possessions from theft.

5- Installation-The body comes with pre-drilled mounting holes for further security. Use the anchor bolts provided to attach it in the desired position. The foam-padded inside protects your belongings from harm and has a one-piece detachable inner shelf. If the 4 AA batteries run out, two emergency keys provide a backup option.


  • It has a Sleek design
  • Fingerprint is available
  • Foam padded available


  • Costly

13. GunVault MiniVault XL Biometric Safe

This is the finest biometric safe for you if you have two handguns to keep. The signature fingerprint scanning technology on the XL version is quite accurate. Even in the dark, the illuminated fingerprint keypad makes it easy to operate. You can register 120 fingerprints as normal. This one also includes a security cable that you may use at home or in your vehicle. The lock is composed of 18-gauge steel and is just as robust as the safe’s body. It is extremely portable, weighing only eight pounds. This GunVault safe has a very low FRR rate. In fact, as you use it more, it enhances your ability to recognise fingerprints.


1-No eyes were illuminated- The ergonomic push-activated lighted buttons on the digital keypad allow users to easily access the gun safe even in the darkest of locations. A set of backup keys is supplied, with a dimpled pattern that is improved.

2-Silent access-The manual backup key has a dimpled shape that makes it more difficult to tamper with. The MicroVault XL safe also has a quiet access option that allows the user to silence the audible notification for more inconspicuous access.

3-Portability-The microvault XL gun safe can be tethered while on the road thanks to the supplied security wire.

4-Padded interior-The cushioned interior of the microvault XL keeps up to two pistols ready for action. To keep smaller objects safe, a storage pocket is incorporated in the lid.

5-Safe-GunVault’s MicroVault XL portable gun safe allows customers to safely access up to two handguns at home or on the road. The MV1050-19 has been modified to include the Illuminated No-Eyes keypad as well as increased security measures where they are most required.


  • It has padded interior
  • It is safe to use
  • Backup keys is available


  • No such cons


These are some of the best Biometric gun safe and you can pick GunVault MiniVault Compact Gun Safe or Solomone Cavalli Portable Fingerprint Gun Safe for better quality and portability