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Using CASB to Manage Critical Assets and Establish User Access


Last Updated on 07/01/2022 by Sanskriti

According to Thomas Likas, global head of security architecture and engineering at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, using the cloud access security broker’s three features – API-level integration with managed device transfer for visibility, in-line CASB for proxy and other devices, and control over cloud and other access points – helps provide better control and the ability to protect and secure user access.

“One of the mistakes I made in deploying CASB technology was to implement it first and then to think of matching with the use business case on protecting the access from managed and unmanaged devices,” Likas says.

That method, he claims, does not align well.

Likas discusses the following topics in this interview with Information Security Media Group:

In a CASB environment, enforcing compliance requirements;

Methods for calculating risk in a CASB model;

In a CASB environment, SASE is important.

Likas works for Takeda Pharmaceuticals in Germany as the global head of security architecture and engineering. He has spent over 11 years in cybersecurity and has worked in IT for the previous 21 years. He’s been a part of a number of large-scale transformation projects, the most recent of which was Takeda’s journey to ‘zero trust’ through a strategic migration to the AWS platform.

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