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Using these simple ways, you can remove malware from your Android phone


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Nowadays, hackers use different tricks to enter into the users’ database, and if you’re an Android user then you must aware that on an Android phone, unlike the iOS platform, you may simply install any mobile application which is the serious issue with Android devices as it gives an opportunity to the Hackers to simply install malware on consumers’ Android devices due to having the open-source software.

Therefore, it’s critical to eliminate malware to prevent hackers to enter our Android system. To make your work simpler I’ll tell you few different methods for connecting with your to stay protected from hackers.

Perform a factory reset.

To eliminate malware from an Android device, simply perform a factory reset as it will assist you in eliminating malware, including files, images, and movies from your Android device. Although, make sure to keep a backup of your data before performing a factory reset, as if you avoid doing it then it will put you in trouble.

Install antivirus application on your Android phone.

If you find any malware in your device then make sure to install an antivirus application that assists you in scanning viruses present in your Android device. Once the virus is spotted you can easily remove it using an antivirus application. Besides that, you can also activate the firewall with the help of these applications to completely secure your device.

Recognize malware using safe mode.

You can also activate the safe mode to identify malware present in your Android device. It works by preventing third-party applications from running on the device.

Disable your phone connectivity using save mode.

You can also activate Save Mode as it will completely disable the device’s connectivity to prevent hackers from collecting your personal information once it detects the virus.

You can simply activate this feature by hitting the Power and Volume keys together. Once your Android phone connectivity is disabled, switch on the phone to remove the virus from your computer.

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