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WhatsApp added a chat transfer capability into its platform


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Now pixel users can also store their WhatsApp chats while changing their phones as WhatsApp incorporate a new feature in its platform that will help users having pixel phones migrate their chats from iPhone to Android phone. Till now this feature was only available in Samsung’s latest smartphones.

Along with pixel phones, the feature will also work in phones having Android 12 OS. Unfortunately, no information has been revealed regarding when Android 12 will get this feature.

During the transfer, none of your data will be harmed as per the messaging platform. Google announces this feature in its blog post and reveals that “it has worked with the WhatsApp team to develop this new feature”.

How to migrate chat history from iPhone to Android phone?

Step 1. To migrate chats from iPhone to Android, you have to link the phones with a USB-C cable. After that, you have to connect the phones. You will receive a prompt when setting up a new Android device.

Step 2. Now scan a QR code on your iPhone to migrate all your messages to your new Android phone.

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