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Windows 11 release date, how quickly will it be released, and how will I be able to obtain it?


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Sanskriti

On June 24th, Microsoft has planned to conduct a press event, but it will not be for a new Surface device that will be available shortly. It has planned to provide its Windows operating system  “one of the most significant updates of Windows of the past decade.” the company will announce the next version of Windows says CEO Satya Nadella at the Microsoft Build developer conference. 

With the leaked reports of the Windows 11 version, it can be assumed that Microsoft is working on something major with the next-generation Windows.

Here’s everything we know about Windows 11, including its possible release date, new features, and leaks.

When will Microsoft make Windows 11 official?

On June 24, which is next Thursday, a special Windows event will be hosted by Microsoft. The event will be broadcast live to millions of people across the world starting at 8 a.m. PT (about 8:30 p.m. IST). The live event will be broadcast on Microsoft’s YouTube account. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, and Panos Panay, the company’s chief product officer, will be present at the Windows event.

When is Windows 11 expected to be released?

The release date for Windows 11 is still unknown. Previously Microsoft stated that Windows 11 will be released in the second part of the year. According to another media rumor, Windows 11 will be within the reach of the general public before the end of the year. Before releasing it to the public any operating system or software is first tested by the Windows insider team. 

Is Windows 11 just a renamed Windows 10X?

The aesthetic improvements coming to Windows are codenamed Sun Valley, however, it’s not clear whether Microsoft will push out those features through Windows 11. Microsoft said last month that it will not pursue the development of Windows 10X, a completely new operating system aimed at dual-screen PCs that it had planned in the autumn of 2019.

Is Windows 11 going to be a free upgrade?

At this time, it appears that the next edition of Windows will not be a minor update. Microsoft has announced that it will stop supporting Windows 10 in 2025. In terms of Windows 11 price, we’ll have to wait for Microsoft’s announcement. There’s a potential that Windows 11 may be a free “upgrade” for Windows 10 users, or that Microsoft would make upgrading to the next-generation Windows optional for Windows 10 users.

When an incomplete build of what is thought to be Windows 11 leaked online, Microsoft effectively announced the future version of Windows. Even though Microsoft has yet to announce the next version of Windows, the “Windows 11” preview has a revamped Start menu, Action Center, File Explorer, and Taskbar, as well as a modern style and new functionality. In Windows 11, the Start menu has been simplified. It has been centered and now resembles the since-canceled Windows 10X in appearance.

However, Windows 11 is based on the same Foundation as Windows 10 and Windows 8. For the time being, however, it should be emphasized that all of the features included in the leaked Windows 11 code are part of a beta version of the forthcoming operating system.


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