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YouTube has removed the dislike button counter


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by TheDigitalHacker

YouTube removed the dislike button counter, although many users are still able to see the dislike button counter in their posts, according to YouTube, soon this dislike button counter will be disabled for all users.

YouTube has been planning to remove the feature since a long time, even in March this year, due to the test, YouTube had deleted some YouTube account’s dislike button counter, although when a user ask the reason, it was said to be only a test and denied the rumors of removing this feature in future.

The move taken by YouTube is inspired by Facebook and Instagram, where the emoji option is available in posts instead of dislikes.

What is the reason behind deleting the youtube dislike button counter?

Due to the dislike button on videos, there is a risk of spoiling the reputation of videos or channels present on youtube. Trailers and music videos of many movies are published on YouTube and their reputation gets affected due to high dislikes.

It has also been seen many times that due to more dislikes on a video, that video is deleted from YouTube. Keeping this in mind, YouTube decided to remove this feature.

However, there is also an advantage of the dislike button that with its help, before watching the video, we can get an idea whether the content of the video will be good or bad, according to which we can skip/watch the video. However, many people do mass disliking to ruin the reputation of a specific video intentionally, which is wrong.

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